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This is the first module for Guilherme Gontijo's Into the Bronze.

Roll 1d4 and generate a ziggurat temple buried in the sand for one of four ancient gods. Face Ishkur's thunder, pass Gilgamesh Trials, delve in the secrets of Nergal or turn into a sacrifice for Ninurta.

Available in English and Portuguese!

ziggurat roll

Written by Lucas Rolim.
Layout by M.A. Guax.
Edited by Joe DeSimone.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Now that I am finally taking some time to review stuff, let me say this: this is just freaking brilliant, and I mean that with no exaggeration. The way the d4 (btw, the best die there is) roll is entirely used is probably the best way dice were ever used in ttrpgs. Now I want to make a system out of it. The thematic is fantastic, the graphic design is wonderful, and each of those elements fits each other perfectly. I'll probably give this a deluxe printing as soon as I have the resources to. My congratulations to Lucas Rolim and M. A. Guax!