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You’ve been eaten!

And that is a blessing. You’ve been chosen by the Worm God to be their savior... Or die trying! Release all the Unholy Swords, and we are sure the Worm God will be grateful.

This adventure is a big d66 table with a map made with Hex Kit and my new tile pack for it: Unseen#1.

It is system agnostic, so you can play with whatever you want. But I think it would go specially nice with Troika.

But I just came with the premise, all this wonderful people at twitter filled it up:
@Dani3000Jay, @pixel_carpenter, @MaikMalaik, @cmlowryauthor, @TBigLyfe, @SuperPandacat, @ricardo_peraca, @spooky_rust, @VforValensa, @BrianRideout7, @thelostbay, @iammattsanders, @NewIlluminatus, @col_bosch, @JenteyG and @imaginaryhalw1.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorM.A. GUAX
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tagsd66-table, silly, system-agnostic, Tabletop role-playing game


Worm Crawls.pdf 5 MB


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The existence of this adventure makes me comfortable in having giant purple godwurm in any of my games without worrying what to do when they decide to venture into it instead of running away.


Thank you so much for crediting all of us. :D

-dani 3000 Jay


Is the least I could do!
Also seems cool to show this stuff to friends and ask them to guess which one you wrote.


Splendid idea


Now I have to do that