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That's all you need to know.

Except by the fact that I'm writing more content for this game, so stay tuned!

Around Here Mini Setting

For 1,99 you get:

  • A Beautiful map made with Nate Treme's Hexkits (Thanks uncle Nate);
  • A Quest generator;
  • An Epic Bad Loot generator;
  • A Weird Friend NPC generator.

All based on the drawings of the map. Its also compatible with anything, because is system agnostic.

Here is the Quest generator:
Quest Generator


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bxkid core printable.pdf 29 MB
bxkid core spreads.pdf 29 MB
Around Here Mini Setting 4 MB
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wow that looks very very cool indeed... but I may have missed something, because I can't figure out how the resolution system works, for the various actions.

It says "you roll + attribute" and... and... how do you know it succeeded? is it using a target number? which kind of TN? Same for save rolls?

When you roll to defend, how do you know you succeed in defending? And how do you defeat your opponent? Characters don't have hit points, and I'm fine with that, but how do we measure how an opponent is hit?

Sorry if it looks like dumb questions, but I think it'd be worth a small explanation, because I **really** want to play this game, but I wish I knew what to do with those pesky rolls!


I will try to answer every question, but feel free to ask if anything still confusing, there are no dumb questions!

About the Resolutions System

The HD is like an abstraction of the kid's will to play. Think of it as your health already, and you're always rolling against yourself (just like real life!).
So, lets take the dwarf as an example, their HD starts with 1d12. Every time you roll for anything you roll a 1d12 +something. If the result was below 10 but above 8, your HD till end of the session, or till you do a long rest will be a d10. If, for example, the roll was below 6, but above 4, aka 5, your HD will be for now on 1d6.

Some stuff, even narrative inputs by the DM, can add a negative modifier. Making it easier for your HD to shrink to a die with fewer sides. Once you hit the d4, if you roll below 3 that dice is lost. Once you level up you get one more HDs for your character, like extra lives.

About Combat

So, that's kinda an extension of what I said above. You don't roll to attack, just to defend. Same happens to monsters, the defender rolls their HD +Armor and subtracts the weapon value of the attacker. Stronger weapons make it harder to defend yourself.

By this point, if I made myself clear enough, you maybe were thinking: "So it's kinda hard to kill someone in combat?"

You're right, because they are kids larping, they are not hitting "for real". But doing other stuff can get you bored, so the rule of the thumb is to roll when there is risk or need of impartiality.

About Saves

Saves are kinda a "free off jail card", when you use a save you don't roll! Simply get the best possible outcome.

I hope that was helpful!

Not 100% sure that I got it, but if I may rephrase (correct me if I'm wrong): in principle, all actions by characters succeed (yay! I beat the Minotaur / I've climbed the wall, etc) — maybe unless the game master states otherwise — but it may exhaust your meta-character until it reaches d4 + your next roll below 4.

Another optional way I see (again, please tell me if I'm off-road) is to allow complete successes if the dice doesn't drop, and partial success if it does.

Saves are great, they are very helpful tactical tools when you need the story to move forward!


Yeah! You got it on the optional part.

The degree of success can be directly related to the number of dices dropped. It's kinda a narrative open tool. Some games may be more punitive than others. But the general ideia is to always get kids on a more weird, complex and bizarre situation as they keep adventuring.


coooooool! thank you for your response! keep it up!


Now I wanna create for this and there are only three and a half days left on the jam...


Game design speed run


It's done! https://tragos-games.itch.io/advanced-bxkid