A downloadable game

This is a template I designed for myself to create cards for Basic TCG, fell free to use as you want!

Here are some examples made with the template:


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Template Basic TCG.fig 1 MB


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Hi the template is really cool, love those examples ! :D

How do you open the .fig file ? With which software ?

Thanks for sharing !


With Figma!
Just drag the file in inside the software and you should be ready to go.

Here is the link for it: https://www.figma.com/


Thank you ! I'll try using this template for a prototype, I'll send it to you if you want :D

I'd love! I also use it for spells when I'm playing mage in TTRPG


Hi, I've released the 0.1 version of the game ! If you're interested in playtests you can contact me :) 


Hi ! Still using your template :D 

I'm currently at 100+ card designed and I started to look at stock art to add to the design. 

Actually, your template are really big and as I wanted to resize the template, the boxes don't resize. Do you have an idea why ?